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  • We distribute innovative CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) to retailers across Atlantic Canada.  Currently we deliver to over 200+ independent retailers as well as Sobeys Atlantic, Foodland & Co-op Stores

  • We build solid strong relationships with our retail partners to ensure that we are exceeding their expectations

  • We are building a diverse portfolio of CPG partners and expanding our delivery areas/zones within Atlantic Canada

  • We are doing our part to build a stable food distribution for Atlantic Canadians

  • We support innovative brands who are creating unique products 

Discover Our Brands

We partner with brands that we love and share our values.  Our focus and priority is local Maritime brands but we also work with companies located through Canada and Internationally.

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Become a Brand Partner

Are you a CPG brand that would like distribution?  We are always looking for great brand partners to bring to our network of retailers and grow a diverse catalogue of innovative brand partners!

Become a Retailer

We make it easy! We are building and growing a stable supply chain within the Atlantic provinces.  We connect local and natural CPG brands with independent and locally owner retailers.  We also distribute to national grocery store retailers.

We Believe

in our Team & our Brand Partners!  We are known for our dedication to logistical excellence, building great relationships with our retailers and providing friendly and personalized account services.  We work with new and innovative CPG brands and help them find and grow their place in the retail landscape.  We are committed to honesty, transparency and growing a stable local food supply chain within Atlantic Canada.

Discover Our Brands

We partner with CPG brands that we LOVE and share our values!  Our focus is on local Maritime brands however, we welcome all brands to the party!  We work with innovative partners from Canada and Internationally.


The origins of Maritime Natural Food Co. started in 2021 under a different name, Bandha Bar. Ryan DesRoches, a former competitive cyclist, couldn't find an energy bar with the right mix of nutrients, simple ingredients and as little environmental impact as possible. So he started making them himself  and called the company Bandha Bar.  He began delivering them on his bike throughout the Halifax area and shortly thereafter, he bought a van and started delivering his bars across the Maritimes. 

A few year later, he was delivering to a network of over 200 stores throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and P.E.I. and by 2018, distribution continued to be challenging for local food brands. Other natural food companies started to ask Ryan if he could help them out and distribute their products as well so in 2018, he bought a refrigerated van and added new local producers to his routes. 

By 2021, Ryan was ready for something new and his company had naturally turned into the makings of a natural food distribution company. At that time Ryan met Alex Billingsley  who had just returned to the Maritimes after spending over 10 years building a local/organic food system in Ontario. He and his wife Heather are founders of Mama Earth Organics, an brand in Toronto that they founded with a mission to build a local food movement around organic farms. With a background in logistics and customer service and a passion for natural foods, Alex jumped at the opportunity to help build the natural food movement in the Maritimes. 

Around the same time, Alex met Patty Howard, a local food entrepreneur who had recently built a state of the art facility in Dartmouth.  Patty had been building Kitchen Door Food Co (aka Kitchen Door Catering) for 14 years and had recently moved into the CPG space as a custom manufacturer.  Patty is also the co-founder of Ritual Edibles with two other female entrepreneurs with a micro-processing cannabis license from Health Canada.  Alex and Patty joined forces and together, they created a vision for Maritime Natural and for the local food industry.

The team at Maritime Natural Food is creating & building a sustainable local and natural food system within Atlantic Canada that involves less impact to the environment, creates empowering and fulfilling jobs while building a network of relationships based on honesty, humility, cooperation and fairness. 

We are growing strategically and would love to share our passion and vision with you!

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